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Napoleon Da Legend - Inarguably DMV's MOST Lyrical.. Delivers ' Awakening '

I Said It
[Head turned to the side] Who's better man? We all know there are some hot cats in the hood that are incredibly talented, but nobody knows them and many of them do not care to be known.. They don't count.
Who doing ' the damn thang? ' is the question. Who putting in work?  
Napolean Da Legend 
is a Lyricist.
I listen to a variety of music. I dig all types: Hip Hop, soul, rock, classical...
In Hip Hop, there are an array of styles, because obviously there are an array of people. Some are gangsta rappers, others are conscious. 
have their own definition of the term conscious. Some street rappers, say they rap about money, because they are conscious of money and the issues that orbits it. 
is like wine to me. My choice of drink depends on my mood, or mode of thought and I have many.
2Pac is inspirational. He fuels my inner rebel.
Wu stimulates my mental palette. I listen to them when I feel fly..
I remember when Wu Tang's influence was so great, that people on the streets or in the studio, identified you from the Wu member you liked most. If you liked RZA, you was most likely the intellect and or producer in the squad hanging around with somebody that wanted to be GZA, looking for an ol Dirty or Rae
NDL reminds me of an East coast styled Pac. The older Pac, or younger Pac.. matured emotionally[calmed], not saying he would be any better or worst, I'm just looking at it scientifically because Pac is my 1st, 2nd and 3rd favorite artist, since before there was a triple darkness. But back, when you couldn't show him respect.. without a lil conflict, round these parts, I told niggaz, ' He a Chosen/Messenger '/Shunned 
reminds me of Pac if he was with[guided by] Wu, from a young age. Imagine that! Imagine if Pac, did his first album, bonded with treach, then somehow connected with RZA. He'd probably take a liking to Rae And Ghost, harmonized easier with BIG.. connected with Snoop and.. invested time on Scarface ONE NATION

Andarah...By the way, Napoleon Da Legend, got Raekwon the Chef on this project, ' Awakening '. It is the 10th track. The song is called Oxygen

He starts it off saying, 
" Sometimes it's like as hard as I try, 
I am walking in constant darkness. 
It's like I can't breathe.. 
It is like the walls are caving in,
 I need Oxygen"  -NDL

Beautifully put! I am sure everybody can identify with those words. he immediately jumps into the piece elaborating the details. one of my favorite lines in his verse was,

" Falsifying numbers, lying to come up, grinding til sun up, major corporation trying to run us. Police gunners trying to [?son us?], pharmaceutical trying to drug us. black Warren buffet. I get it when I want it." -NDL 
And Rae took the baton and showed his ass. 
His flow reminded me of the " Only Built for Cuban Linx" tape days.

"Corner store gamblers who scrambled. The man holds the mammals, coke in the fish bowl with sandals on.." -Raekwon The Chef

I am feeling Oxygen. NDL sparked one. He held his. Mid 90's boom bap beat, a soulful 70-ish sample, sporadic bass run. And yeah he held his Own, comfortably.

The CD is a solid accomplishment. 16 solid tracks(including the intro and outro). The 5 songs featured Lyrical greats like Sean P, Raekwon, Minus Nine - who worked 2 tracks " Awakening " Universal Lawz ", and the Brooklyn /Queens rep, - Spit Gemz " Truth Serum ". NPL solidly held the rest down, on his own. He executive produced the project and he did an excellent job. The sound quality is airtight. He has shown he is a leader, showcasing his skill with confidence. I see no weakness, he is not new to the game.His history is rich with work: music, videos and he has acting experience.

N a p o l e o n 
D a 
L e g e n d 
Sean Price 
' Wise Men '
Directed By 

He also scored a role In
" Back To Basics "
Directed By  
Cyril Mahe-Niroshima
 Episode 11
" When I first checked out Napoleon Da Legend I knew this dude had an appreciation for Hip Hop culture. A dope emcee with phenominal rhymes who spits bars like crazy. As a veteren in the game this is something the new generation needs to bring. Napolean is fire and his record Veni, Vidi, Vici Pt.2 blew me away." 
                                                         - MOP's Billy Danze

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