Tuesday, January 1, 2013

'2013 - International Relations'.. Starring Gunzmore

Knight: Ashon Nilanga aka 

Occupation: Young Melody, Shogrizzly Entertainment

Location: ColomboSri Lanka

Interest: Rap/Crunk/ Lyrical Hip Hop

Goal: Power
Let's... Go!
"I want to collab with any kind of artist" says Gunz [confidently]. Gunzmore is more than just your ordinary rapper. This isn't a hobby, a part time j-o-b. This isn't a 9-5 or a commission job, with benefits. This is his career
Yes, he loves music, the craft [Hip Hop], we all do but that is a given!  People kill me, complaining about what somebody else did, is doing or, aint doing right, when they aren't thinking of doing a damn thing for themselves.. and much less anybody else, until they see you trying to do something or be successful. It is like how lil Kim said, " Yal Playa hating from the side lines!" This man is on his grind like he is suppose to be, respect that: 

"I want to collab with any kind of artist. I have no limits on the type of music I can do. the more collabs the more popular you become around the world [but I'm not accepting bullshit music...]"

But it is more than just the money though. Boys will be boys! I mean would you rather see him putting  honeys over the money, wants above needs? Would you rather see him worshipping the womb, or praising the Womb. Needs over wants! This man is being productive! He is a productive citizen of Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

Gunzmore starts his bio off saying "[We are in extreme times], that means we must take extreme measures. We gotta get ours! If you are with me, raise up your fist and Turn up the pressure!"

He sound like a rebel rouser. On his face book page he has a lot of interesting post, that are enlightening. He respects holidays like christmas.  His political views on his facebook page reads, Peace No War

But what it really is about, is the music.  I guarantee you that you will feel something when you hear his music! His many musical influences in [United States] Hip hop alone is impressive because it ranges from Nas to Kutt Calhoun. He is more familiar with American Hip Hop artists then most Americans.. because he is not bias, And it shows in his music. That is a sign of respect and understanding, those qualities alone will reap great benefits. A new era is in effect..  
Technology hasn't sunk into these people's heads. People misuse it, or do not use it [and then we wonder why somebody with a million times our resources, is doing a billion times better than us]. The south came up selling material out of the trunk of their cars. It is 90%business, whether we like it or not! Gunzmore works with artists and producers in this country [United States] and abroad because, he don't care where you are from; If you are good he will work with you.
 In the United States he works [production-wise] with Dirty Sco - Grindhous3 Production (South Carolina, USA)/ABF Blazeyface Music Inc/SE Trill Productions Atlanta Georgia, USA). He has these brothers as members [in an organization or something]on his page. 
He has in house production as well: He has Brayneo from Sri Lanka representing Shogrizzly Ent. and Shenal M Studio - Studio (Colombo).

Gunzmore has been in the music game since 2004: talents shows, events, festivals, clubs concerts... He has worked with artist in India, Bangladesh, South Africa, United States... Home for  Gunzmore/ShoGrizzly Ent. is Kandy [Hill city]. After he paid his dues to the streets, Gunzmore gave the streets a nice single " I keep coming back"2009: "I'm grinding" produced by Dirty SCO Topped the International Charts. He is Ranked 6th on Reverb 
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Gunzmore currently has 8,500 FB Likes. He has 
353 Reverb Fans, 872 Twitter followers. These #'s are appreciate but "Elevation is a MUST". So what does that mean? The one thing that successful people do is mind #'s, so mind your business and 
like, follow, fan! and again, he gives! Infact Gunz and his affiliates [Young Melody] has a special going on until January 15, 2013! 50% off [Only for the youngstarz]!

Rap Artist/ Lyricist/ Graphic Designer/ VFx Artist


New Release
"Thol Matha Thol"
Gihan, Gunzmore & Sheroni 

New Release

"Thol Matha Thol"
Gihan, Gunzmore & Sheroni

[Official Video HD]