Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mafia Latina Jazz City Rapperz Presents... Rotten Minds(Explicit Content)

Hip Hop was imported into Colombia through the Buenaventura  ports
It is said that Hip Hop's arrival into Colombia came from stowaways, In the early eighties. Risking harm or death, some stowaways traveled to New York on the ships, for new beginnings and other reasons.. and brought the culture back to Colombia. According to wikipedia, the murder rate in Buenaventura is 24 times greater than New York City, so believe, they brought the realest Hip Hop possible back with them.
You can get a Colombian necktie for free out there.
You aren't from the city, traveling? 
We recommend: Hotel Los Delfines, Hotel Titanic, Gran Hotel Capilla Del Sol

 The largest city in Colombia is Bogota.
The capital of Colombia and home of Mafia Latina
Hip Hop transcends race like latin culture transcends race; like religion transcends race. Hip Hop owns a progressive spirit, that unifies people. Like water, It takes the shape of the environments or matters. It was always multicultural; made from a variety of cultures, It reached the four corners of the planet, long ago.

Stowaways, young military men, maybe it was television
['20/20', 'Soul Train', 'American Bandstand' or 'Friday Night Videos'],
movies['Wildstyle', 'Beat Street', 'Breaking I & II', 'Crush Grooving'...], books or magazines['Rap pages', 'Right On', 'The Beat 'or some name]? 

There isn't just one right answer. 

What we do know is hip hop is in a great place, we can utilize it for good, or miss out.. -GoBillion!
Latin Potencia
The first population to dominate Bogota were the Muiscas, indigenous indians from mesoamerica.. then came the conquistadors, then the africans..
Years later came Mafia Latina.

Hailing from Colombia, Mafia Latina have been making music for over 8 years. Feeling extremely confidant with their professional direction, Mafia Latina aim has elevated to bigger things. 

"We are a mixture of 
Hip Hop and R&B. 
Latin rhythms 
American rhythms are fused together, creating our sound"
-Kriipi Gi(Kreepy G)
Mafia Latina Jazz City Rappers are well known in Bogota. Bogota is Home. Their family extends into other cities as well. They are known and respected in Villavicencio, Bucaramanga, Cali, Medellin and more cities
"Over time we change. We get better and better. We keep our music unique and genuine.
We have live musicians when we perform. We are influenced by Jazz, Soul, Dancehall. We are innovators!"

Mafia Latina Jazz City Rappers are young and they are hungry. They are doing the shows, promoting with videos.. They are putting in the work.  
They are original, innovative.. They have built a loyal fan base
That makes them a formidable threat in the Hip Hop arena. 
Topping it off, 
they are professional!
They are not only interested in strengthening Colombia's position in the market in Latin America,
but they aim to leave a impression on the world.

Mafia Latina RAp Presents:

Latin Streets dvd Gangs 7Crew

The latin community is expanding.. Look at the map young grasshopper.
Mafia Latina Jazz City Rapperz

"Rotten Minds"
WE need eachother.. let's circulate this money correctly.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Johnny Prince Brooklyn's Knight.. Bed-Stuy All day

"'I am not looking to 
sell the message because it is not for sale!'.. I'm only interested in connecting with open-minded and liked minded people who has the same vision and goals as I. If it aint about helping our people and communities, especially our YOUTH, it aint about nothing."

His-story Repeats/Father Time
Johnny Prince was born in Brooklyn, July 24, 1977, to Panamanian parents. Music was inescapable for him. Latin music stayed on the menu; It's his roots. His father was a local DJ, owning countless seventies records, like the Stylistics, Blue Magic, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye... and Johnny evolved tremendously from his environment, in Bed Stuy.

The seventies were highly influential to the nineties, which is known as the 'Golden Era[the late eighties, early nineties] of Hip Hop', to many music enthusiast. It maybe a twenty year trend cycle.. or maybe it is the impact of a period that was extremely influential due to the the activities that occurred during the late sixties early seventies? 

The tight jeans we see a lot of the youth wearing nowadays are similar in many ways, to the fashions worn in the mid eighties by acts such as, Run-DMC, Kid and Play, Salt and Pepper...

Audio Two's, "Top Billin" released in 87' was the divine spark to Johnny Prince's interest in Hip Hop. The sample from, "Impeach the President", by The Honey Dippers, reeled him in instantly. He also was greatly inspired by Native Tongue, which was a collective that consisted of the Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest, Leaders of the New School and Black Sheep.

It was 2005' when Johnny wrote his first song. He then purchased his own equipment, learnt how to produce[self Taught] and put his own thing down. He combine his latin ancestry, with the soulful R&B ballads soaked up as a youth, and eventually compiled a formidable collection of his own work. Eventually his work found its way to Brooklyn's Finest, Boom P respect was mutual, history made, resume born. He also channeled some of his beats to [Renee Jennings/Soooo 
Brooklyn]Sarcasm with No Chaser radio show. 
He was a studio engineer for XYAYX Studios located in in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. Incapable of ignoring the social ills in his community, Prince with arms wide open, summoned local artists into his 'collaboration sanctuary'. He felt, why should we hang on the corner when we can do something constructive. Johnny Prince having his father in his life, being a father, and being the oldest of four siblings[three sisters], believe his strong family upbringing greatly influenced his perception of the role he was sent to play in the community. 
His motto is," I'm not looking to sell the message because it is not for sale.

"My short term goals are to 
start an online radio station
and do more mentoring in my 
community. My long 
term goal is to open the 
minds of my people by 
educating them through music. 
Music plays a major role 
in my community. I plan to change mainstream radio 
and TV."
The birth of his son fueled his writing talents as a emcee. His son inspired him to change the world with music. Sick of the negative images in the media on the screens: t.v. screen, movie screen and computer screen [window screen]. Johnny Prince made a commitment to write songs that were full of values. The same values he got from his family. He is only interested in putting out the type of material that has substance and sustenance. 

$50 for one hour, includes 9 photos

$90 for two hours, includes 20 photos

$135 for three hours, includes 35 photos

$65 for one hour, includes 9 photos

$115 for two hours, includes 20 photos

$175 for three hours, includes 35 photos

"I am open to most photography. As long there is no dead bodies I am cool(Smile)."

Revelation 9
Few cares. That is why most humanitarians like Mr. Prince does not campaign against the youth that are running wild, within our communities. They(humanitarians) understand their pains, because they grew up with them. They counseled them, listen to them and genuinely love them and they(the youth) love them as well. 
The problem many of our [potential]leaders face is that they do not know how to produced the needed change within the communities, they lack sufficient power(money). 
Many feel money is not the problem.
The pain of not having [or knowing your father]and or a mother that opposes him because in some manner, the child looks like the father will cause a male to seek family in the streets, to express all of the elements that equates 
Elements like Loyalty, Respect.. To feel protection and to protect.. to feel like someone cares more for you..  than everyone else. To feel favored, exalted, is what may be missing in the homes, regardless if the child is rich or poor. 
Empathy goes both ways..
Johnny goes in on the people, the system,.. on his last quote, 
I agree with most of what he said.. If not all! But I believe that, the United States is one of the Greatest nations, ever. 
[And I use to be the FIRST to oppose her, regardless who was in the room]My belief in god was scientific, until I grew to understand faith.
I feel just as he adores his rich and diverse latin roots, regardless of its struggles, 
I must respect and love my beautiful North American roots and culture as every single other nation on this planet, elsewise the land wont love me. 
All views must be divinely respected, else wise the speech and the members will be untrue, concluding unusable knowledge(lies/lower truths). The foundation blocks has to 
be solid.
If there is anybody out there that crave to work with the real.. whether it be with lyrics, beats, production, studio engineer, assistant engineer.. host.. photographer.. Event planner. Get at Johnny Prince! Especially if you in BK.. Bed-Stuy! We need to do what we can to put the true brothers, that... the youth respect into power(position). Elevation2012Up

"I will give my beats to whomever is consistently positive. Same goes for with verse. I'll get on a song as long as it is empowering. I can't rap on anything if it is negative. What got me into helping kids? When I notice that the youth on youth crime was sky rocketing. It's really crazy out here. there is hope for them. They just need some listening to, love and guidance. Our youth are beautiful people. Really beautiful people. But they are just misguided. We as adults have to show more respect and appreciation towards them. Some of them or most are not showed anything but violence and disrespect. that has to change. What we should be doing NOW to help the youth? Give them more options. The violence occurs when they have nothing to do. We have to lead by example. If we want our youth to respond, we have to show them that it is ok to be educated. It is ok to help people. We have to display that so they can see. They aren't seeing that because us adults aren't doing enough of it. The government?? You mean the company? The TRILLION dollar corporation. This company was put together to do one thing only. TO GET MONEY! From religion to war... This system was designed. Democrat, republican, independent.... different wings of the same vulture. People need to realize that. Trust me this "company" does not have the american people at its best interest"