Tuesday, April 24, 2012

International Gem/Green Leaf Multimedia ' Husslin 2-4-7-3-6-5 '

New Yorkian, International Gem, is from Greenburgh, NY but now he dwells in Yonkers, NY. Hip Hop was in his system from the jump. He was known for being a lyrical mastermind. When the other kids was watching cartoons, He was listening to the Kool G Rap, Jeru The Damaja and Wu!

As he got older and hip to the streets, his writings skills began to reflect his wis-dome. In fact he credits the streets for his talent.

2002' Gem released his first mixtape hosted by Dj Sus 1

2008' "Who Dare Move Me?"

2009' "Thoughts Of A Capricorn"

2010' "OT(The Pit Stop)

International Gem Has headlined shows from NY to the Atl, collecting fans thoughtout the cities he performed in.

The 'Man' is more than a artist or musician. He is a Hustler in every sense of the word. He is a Business Man that absolutely love Hip Hop. He co-founded Green Leaf Multimedia in 2009'

Now Gem is working on a new EP and furthering Green Leaf's presence in the game.

International Gem :

International Gem - Base(freestyle)    International Gem - For Real Though featuring Swa aka   Farealtho

International Gem - Slice    International Gem - Call It A Drug

Green Leaf Multimedia :


"Rap has been lost for a while and I am here to keep real Hip Hop alive"
                                       -International Gem