Monday, June 4, 2012

Chichi 'The Kid' Amobi of The Richmond Outcast Pleads, "I Want Her Back"

1/6 of the super collective group, ' Richmond Outcasts ' Chichi  The Kid has been putting things down representing his city for quite sometime. Gaining respect from the city as a whole, which is divided: North Side, Southside, East End, and West End.

"To make it in the industry one must either display a incredible artistry, or have an unmatched work ethic. Its very rare when you see an individual who embodies both characteristics. ChiChi the Kid is on a course to prove to the world that he is one of those rare gems."

                        Richmond has a Rich History


  • The Patrick Henry gave his, "Give me Liberty or Give me death" speech in 1775 at St. John Church 

  •  It became the capital of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, 'The Old Dominion State' in 1780

  •               During the American Civil War, Richmond stood as the capital of the Confederate States of America

  • The city left a impression in the 20th century with one of the world's first successful electric streetcar system

  • Slaves were imported from Africa to Richmond's Manchester docks

And there is..

Jackson Ward: 
"The Black Wall Street of America"

After The civil war free blacks joined freed blacks and elevated, from a neighborhood known as Jackson Ward into a progressive African American business community known as "Black Wall street of America". It was a center for commerce and entertainment, labeled "The Harlem of the South." It attracted leaders such as,  John Mitchelle Jr., editor of the Richmond Planet, an African American newspaper and Maggie Walker, the first woman to charter and serve as the president of an American bank. Venues seen names like Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne, Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole, James Brown...

Richmond Outcasts 

It is simple as A, B, C. Alikes be alike because they have seen or experienced the same things. They feel each other. They are on the same page, how they got there doesn't matter as much as the fact that they are there. 
A friend is more precious than gold because, if you have the right people in your inner circle, you can get all of the gold you need.

They are known all over Richmond. On the streets, throughout Richmond and abroad.

Chichi The African Prince describes his self  as a 80's Baby. He is extremely confident but he is very humble. He is not afraid to show appreciation or admiration to other artists, which is the sign of charisma but he lets them know he is 'The kid'.
He is very clever!
He is not afraid to stick out; exploring the unseen regions artistically, but.. he is very familiar with order, he graduated from Virginia
Commonwealth University in 2007, for Advertisement.
That is the sign of a genius, educated and wise. capable of associating with all of the pawns, the knights, kings...
this is explained in one of his pieces, entitled, "Hardbodi Schoolboi". The hook goes, "He know the Rappers, he know the school boys, he knows the trappers.. he knows everbody
He knows the gangsters, he know the rejects, he know the hippsters.. he know everbody
He know everbody(while another tracks, has his vocals saying, 'fuck everbody-fuck everybody'"

He definitely is on some new age super collectivism.

He flaunts contradiction, like no other. The image is a mix of Emo, Gangsta, Punk. There appears to be a Queen in his life, she is present in his videos. It is as if his life is mix into One.

'The African Prince'

I Want Her Back
His latest project is a music video. The name of it is, "I want her back" it is about Chichi's ambition to put his mark on the world. Throughout the video he is chilling with a bottle, constantly catching a swig, the contradiction. Does the bottle symbolize anything?  Watch the video and the ones ahead. Seek and you will find.

" I'm Chichi the Kid.

My ambition with Hip Hop
started at high school.
My attempts to make it a
reality were detered once 
college, drugs, and girls
consumed me. But it's 2012,
I am focused, and I want her 
"I Want Her Back" 

Like the rest of his work, his music delivered a solid message. His work has plenty color and imagination but he uses them to color the personality of his pieces; very well. The topics are never shallow and the video quality compliments his music extremely well. Originality is a given, when it comes to Chichi.  All of the ingredients needed, to produce a sound project were properly placed. The audience was targeted, and the hit went through the bulls-eye. I would keep a eye out for the Young Richmond Outcast..  I believe we are only seeing the surface. Time will tell.

News Flash!!..... News Flash!!

Today is June 21st and ChiChi, "The African Prince" wont stop..

"Letter 2 God" 
Young Rell video released!

The script was written by ChiChi "The Kid"
He Co- directed it with Aura HD(whom directed and co directed a lot of material with ChiChi)

News Flash!!.... News Flash!!

More Facts
Chichi is 1/6 of the super collective group Richmond Outcast

YRO's Members:
ChiChi The Kid, Jay Dash, HeirBorne, Jaesen k, Mikezie, andd Ginya Boy
-Over 10,000 solo Mixtapes passed along the east coast
from Richmond to Atlanta
-Performed in hundreds of showcases and parties
-He has a strong network of prominent dj's
ChiChi's Titles
Artist, Performer, Songwriter, Lyricist, Music Director