Thursday, March 21, 2013

Moe Money Mafia - ' Young Ambitious and Out to Make a Difference '

Moe Money, Moe Money, Moe Money Mafia.. Representing Tappahannock, Virginia, have been bussin' lyrics.. close to 20 years now. 

Now residing in Norfolk City, M-3 Entertainment Long term goal.. 

is to sell 100 million CDs in a week


First single off of the Business Management CD

' Think I Ain't '

Bucephalus Media 



Money Making Mafia



Money Making Mafia/M-3 Entertainment
Pimp Mode
Where are you from/raised?
Tappahannock, VA

What interest do you have besides Hip Hop?
I played football in my 3rd and 12th 
grade year. Wasn't really big on 
sports in high school. I was more into smoking, making money and girls at 
the time. the only thing that interest 
me other then Hip Hop are God, family, business and money.

Describe your self/organization
Our organization is made up of young ambitious people who are either talented or just want to make a difference.

- The group consist of P-Money & Staxx, which are Twins. These playaz are about their BUSINESS. They say family & business don't mix but there are exceptions. 

Kenny Hundley manages M-3 Entertainment.

Kenneth P-Money Hundley
Kendall StaxxAmillion Hundley
Describe your style..
Majority of my style is enegetic. I would say a mixture between lil Wayne and T.I.

What crews have you ran with?
The Rap group was Soulja Squad

What got you into Hip Hop?
As twins my twin and I would record over our mom'scassette tapes
with our freestyles. She put in the cassette player by accident while we 
were making a run to the grocery store. I think we were about 7 years old.
M 3 Entertainment

How Long have you been rappin'?
I've been Rappin' since I can remember.

How do you see Hip Hop now and where do you think it will go in the future?
No comment on where I think it is going. I am hoping we can give Hip Hop what it's been missing.

- March 22nd they will be 25 years young. They are family oriented, ambitious, and MOST important they are Gofearing

What else do you like doing besides music?
Going to church, smoking, spending time with family and friends.

What's up with Virginia's music scene.  Are the people supporting you and the organization sufficiently?
Kenny Hundley
Business Manager
The Virginia music scene treats us good. We get a lot of support from our fanbase.

How could they help more?
By sharing and promoting our music to their friends and followers.

Who is hot locally and who is hot in the music industry?
We're definitely hot right now locally. In the industry right now Kendrick Lamar is said to be #1 in the game at this moment. I give credit to T.I., Eminem, and Young Money. They are definitely some inspiring artists?

Who is your favorite Artist?
With Hip Hop artist I have a top 10.. I do not have a favorite artist.

What is your short and long term goal?
Short term goal as for now we are building our brand. Long term goal is to sell over 100 million CDs in a week.

Any last words?
Yeh, stay tuned for more from Moe Money Mafia. You can hit us up at.

Coming Soon!


- They have the right people around them, they have a strong fan base, they are focus and Their music sounds good.

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